About us



Little World started out in the year 2012 as a chai shop, where both locals and tourists visiting India’s beautiful Palolem beach sipped their daily dose of home brewed masala chai, followed by a healthy vegetarian breakfast. Finding the perfect balance between the very best of both worlds where India meets Europe, the business grew quickly.
The owners, Nitin and Brechje, started expanding their vegan and vegetarian menu and facilities at Little World. Now, your visit may not only be for the very best chai masala with which Little World first won its popularity in 2012, but also an amazing vegan and vegetarian breakfast/ brunch and lunch menu and a beautifully thought-through evening menu.


After an in-between year at the Beach Road, Little World found a new location opposite the location where it all started. This new location offers the opportunity to start realizing our wish list. So in the new Little World, you will find the trusted menu, but also a child-friendly playing area for parents and their children, a toy library and – NEW! – a bakery where you can buy our home-made bread and other goodies, such as a range of beautiful organic products and our home made chai masala spice kit. Another addition is the possibility to rent a workshop space to offer your workshops or to have an intimate dinner for a larger group (to be arranged well ahead). As we believe in organic growth, our dreams , and therefore the possibilities are ongoing and limitless.