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‘In Little World you don’t meet strangers,
just friends you haven’t met before'

Little World is all about balance, but then a little bit over the top! We believe in health – but also in hangover food. It’s all about royal portions, bright colors and daring taste combinations. And although we don’t serve meat or fish, non-vegetarians won’t feel like missing out on anything. For us, good food is straight forward, balanced and clean. Health is about knowing how we fuel our bodies. Therefore, all our food is made from scratch. From our oven roasted gluten free muesli, to our daily fresh baked bread,

a variety of vegan cakes and sweets, delicious sweet and savory preservatives, even our seitan is home made. Besides great food, the atmosphere at Little World is most important. The colourful ‘ hindu-hugs- the- west- decoration’, the music and the overall ambiance attract like-minded souls from all over the globe and of all ages. As a costumer – turned friend once said: ‘in Little World you don’t meet strangers, just friends you haven’t met before’.


‘Daily loaf of fresh baked bread'

This season, 2017-2018, we will be starting our own bakery, right in the restaurant itself. Here you can buy your daily loaf of fresh baked bread, delicious oven roasted gluten free nutty muesli, our home made pickles, marmalades, chutneys and dips, a variety of (vegan/gluten free) cakes, and savoury pastries, home made crackers and quiches. We will also be offering a selection of India’s finest organic cooking products and Spices. And for those who really want to take a piece of Little World home, we also offer our chai masala gift pack which includes all you need to recreate the perfect chai.


‘The Travelling Cooks'

Not only do we love it when you visit us, we would love to visit you just the same! Whether it’s for a retreat or multiple day workshop you’re organising, a one day party you’re planning or any other event that needs creative vegetarian cooking, we are up for It. With the Little World catering service, we name ourselves ‘travelling cooks’, as we are not held back from a little journey to reach you. We offer high quality and creative vegetarian and vegan food.

Our aim is to find the perfect balance between that home cooked feel kind of food, with the extra touch of that from a restaurant- that licking your fingers delicious, yet healthy food. Food from all corners of the world is our Inspiration. Expect warm Indian curries and rotis, colourful Mediterranean platters, middle eastern dips and sauces, fresh and creative salads and delicious Soups. All made from scratch and from the heart. For an inquiry please contact us.